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Substance addiction is a serious disease that can take a toll on an individual's health and overall well-being. Addiction cannot be cured, but it can be successfully managed when one learns to control triggers in order to prevent relapse. Addiction involves multiple dependencies, but with multi-type programs for addiction treatment, these dependencies can be overcome. In Massachusetts, addiction to substances like alcohol and heroin is increasing in many cities and towns. With addiction treatment in Everett, MA, addiction sufferers can begin the process of putting their lives back together with the help of medical professionals and addiction specialists. Drug and alcohol rehabs in Everett is the best place to begin an addiction recovery journey.

What Is Substance Addiction?

Substance addiction is a disease that involves physical, mental, and behavioral dependencies. Typically sufferers cannot stop using these substances even with faced with the terrible consequences their use brings. Compulsion is an underlining component of addiction; sufferers feel compelled to use drugs or alcohol even when they want to stop. One of the reasons that an addiction sufferer finds it so difficult or even impossible to stop using is because the chemicals in their brain have literally been altered from their drug or alcohol use. The brain sends powerful signals that are difficult to withstand. When sufferers do attempt to stop, withdrawal sets in to cause immense discomfort until the substance is once again introduced to the body.

Substance addiction is not impossible to manage. With addiction treatment in Everett, addiction sufferers can overcome the powerful physical dependency on drugs or alcohol with drug detox in Everett. Subsequent drug and alcohol treatment programs target other disease aspects so that the sufferer can regain control of their mind and behaviors in order to ward off relapse. The recovery process can be long and difficult, but drug and alcohol treatment centers have helped thousands of people achieve the long-term sobriety they crave.

Why Does a Person Become an Addict?

People abuse drugs or alcohol for all kinds of reasons. While anyone, given certain circumstances, can become an addict, especially if one develops a pattern of drug or alcohol abuse, some people are at greater risk for substance addiction than others. First, poverty is a risk factor for drug and alcohol abuse and addiction. Growing up in a household where one or both parents abused alcohol or drugs is another risk factor. Starting to use drugs or alcohol as a teen puts one at greater risk for becoming an addict as well. Medical studies also suggest that there may be a genetic component involved in addiction too.

While these are some well-known risk factors associated with substance addiction, there are other ways a person can become addicted to a substance like alcohol or drugs. A person who begins taking pain medication, for example, but increases their dose without their doctor's consent is showing signs of abuse. If the abuse continues without check, the person can develop a tolerance to the drug and, with increasing doses, an addiction. Their use may be perfectly benign, but a few misuses can pose a serious issue when it comes to highly addictive prescription drugs.

In some cases, a person might begin to use drugs or alcohol because of peer pressure. Friends or a partner might compel an individual to use. In other cases, a person might turn to these substances because they're actually suffering from depression or another mental or mood disorder. Self-medicating with drugs or alcohol to alleviate stress, anxiety, or depression can and often does pave the way to addiction.

Why Enter an Alcohol or Drug Rehab?

Addiction Treatment in Everett isn't always a priority for a person who needs help, but it should be. Too often a person addicted to drugs or alcohol thinks that they can control their problem and don't really need drug or alcohol rehab. If a person is abusing addictive substances, their health is at great risk. There is always a risk for blood poisoning or overdose, for example. An acute episode can lead to serious mental health disorders like psychosis. Chronic drug and alcohol abuse can result in serious health issues like liver disease and organ failure. It's often only a matter of time before a sufferer experiences health effects associated with their addiction to alcohol or drugs.

Drug and alcohol rehab centers can help sufferers safeguard their health. With addiction treatment in Everett, addiction sufferers can obtain high-quality medical care complemented by proven therapies that work. By learning to cope with triggers and prevent relapse, addictions sufferers can finally achieve sobriety and move forward with their lives. Call Everett Drug Rehab Centers now for help (617) 514-7044.

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