Inpatient Drug Rehabs in Everett, MA

Learning to successfully manage a powerful addiction to alcohol or drugs is invariably challenging- even with help from a drug and alcohol rehab center. Without addiction treatment, managing this disease is next to impossible for a vast number of sufferers. As drug and alcohol abuse statistics continue to rise in Massachusetts and elsewhere in the country, it becomes increasingly important for sufferers to get evaluated at an inpatient rehab center. People who have crossed the line from abuse to addiction require multi-type treatments that address each aspect of addiction. By checking in to inpatient drug rehabs in Everett, MA, addiction sufferers can take part in inpatient rehab programs that could very well save their lives.

What Is Inpatient Rehab for Addiction?

Inpatient drug rehabs in Everett, MA, are invariably a medical setting that is staffed by licensed medical professionals and therapists that specialize in addiction medicine and treatments designed to help people manage their addiction to illicit drugs, prescription drugs, or alcohol. A drug and alcohol treatment center in Everett usually offer medical detox as well as evidence-based treatments that address the psychological and behavioral elements of addiction. An inpatient rehab facility is a safe place where sufferers can go to receive care and help in a non-judgmental setting. Staff members are fully aware that addiction is a disease and what sufferers require is care and therapies designed to support recovery.

How Long Does a Person Stay in an Inpatient Rehab Center?

Most addiction inpatient treatment centers offer medical detox. This is the first stage of addiction treatment. It is the process by which the addiction sufferer is weaned of whatever substance they are addicted to. This process varies by the individual and the nature of their addiction. Medical detox in a drug and alcohol rehab in Everett might take as little as three days or it could take up to three weeks. When entering alcohol or drug rehab, an addiction specialist can usually provide specific information about a customized treatment plan.

Once detox is complete, therapy at an inpatient rehab for addiction can begin. Most addiction sufferers enter 30, 60, or 90-day inpatient rehab programs. Some people may transition from inpatient drug rehabs in Everett to an outpatient drug and alcohol rehab center after a month of inpatient treatment. Other individuals may not be ready to return to their home environment even after a 90-day stint in an inpatient rehab treatment center. They may, instead, transition to a sober living community for aftercare, which can greatly enhance their transition process by providing them with more long-term support.

What Are Some Benefits of Inpatient Drug Rehabs in Everett?

Getting help from addiction inpatient rehab centers leads to improved health and more effective disease management. The fact is that deaths related to drug and alcohol abuse are among the most preventable kinds of deaths in the country. An inpatient treatment facility is equipped with therapies that help addiction sufferers manage the triggers that have historically caused them to abuse addictive substances like heroin, meth, or alcohol.

Today's addiction inpatient rehab centers feature many types of programs and therapies. Most inpatient rehab programs include some form of cognitive behavioral therapy, an evidence-based treatment that relies on individual and group counseling. Many centers for addiction treatment offer 12-step programs that appeal to many people, especially as programs like AA and NA can be attended indefinitely.

Some addiction inpatient rehab centers in Massachusetts make a point to include alternative therapies that attract many addiction sufferers. Art therapy, for instance, is particularly helpful for sufferers who find it difficult to express themselves verbally. These individuals may be suffering from a mental illness like post-traumatic stress disorder or severe anxiety. Other inpatient rehab programs might include equine therapy or even restorative yoga classes.

Why Enter Inpatient Drug Rehab in Everett, MA?

Addiction will not go away or improve on its own. Addiction is a chronic disease that is usually progressive. This means it will get worse -- not better unless steps are taken to manage this condition. A drug and alcohol rehab center is the best place to obtain treatment. Inpatient rehab programs are staffed by caring professionals who have helped thousands of addiction sufferers achieve their goal of long-term sobriety.

In order to safeguard health, addiction sufferers should visit an inpatient rehab for addiction to at least be evaluated. An addiction specialist can recommend a course of treatment that suits each sufferer's specific healthcare needs. Alcohol and drug rehab settings are conducive to healing and can provide each sufferer with the coping skills and resources they need to ward away relapse. Call Everett Drug Rehab Centers now for help (617) 514-7044.

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