Alcohol Rehabs in Everett, MA

Deaths related to alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction are among the most preventable forms of death in the country. Massachusetts, like many other states, is gripped in a struggle against alcoholism and other forms of substance addiction. The disease of addiction needlessly claims lives and ruins families. Addiction sufferers cannot typically manage this disease on their own. Fortunately, qualified help is available at alcohol rehabs in Everett, MA, with its evidence-based programs and effective therapies that help people manage this disease to achieve long-term recovery. Drug and alcohol rehab helps people get sober and stay sober so they can protect their lives and health from the ravishes of alcohol abuse and addiction. Everett Drug Rehab Centers in Everett can help direct you toward a quality facility (617) 514-7044.

What Is Alcohol Rehab?

Alcohol and drug rehab centers in Everett are places where people who abuse alcohol or suffer from an alcohol addiction can go for treatment. Alcohol rehabs in Everett, MA, is staffed by healthcare professionals and medical caregivers who specialize in addiction medicine. At an alcohol addiction facility, sufferers will find multiple treatments that target the various aspects of addiction. Some people will even be able to obtain dual diagnosis treatment for an underlining mental illness that complicates their addiction problem. Alcohol addiction treatment programs are designed to target the mental, physical, and behavioral aspects of addiction. They help people learn to manage the disease of addiction so they can get on with their lives.

What Makes a Person an Alcoholic?

A person who cannot stop their excessive drinking can be termed an alcoholic. Alcohol abuse is not an addiction, so people who abuse alcohol are not dubbed alcoholics; however, it's important to note that abusing alcohol does pave the way to alcoholism. An alcoholic feels compelled to drink in spite of facing the negative consequences of their drinking. If the individual experiences withdrawal symptoms because they don't get a drink within a certain period of time--usually anywhere from 8 to 24 hours, they should suspect that addiction has set in.

Many people who are alcoholics function for years without facing negative consequences. Others may drink so excessively at one time that they suffer a bout of blood poisoning, which can be fatal. However, most people who abuse alcohol or are addicted to alcohol will note problems right away. They may begin to perform poorly at work or school. They may suffer relationship problems or engage in risk-taking behaviors like driving while under the influence. Some people experience alcohol-related mental and physical health problems. By entering alcohol rehabs in Everett, sufferers can stop alcohol from affecting important aspects of their lives.

Understanding Alcohol Withdrawal

Withdrawal is a terrible process that is fraught with many unpleasant symptoms. When an addiction sufferer doesn't get a drink in a certain period of time, they may experience a headache. So long as alcohol is withheld, withdrawal symptoms are likely to worsen. A headache may prove more severe and be accompanied by tremors and nausea. Many people who experience withdrawal feel anxious and depressed. Insomnia and loss of appetite are also common symptoms of withdrawal.

It is essential that people suffering from alcoholism do not attempt to stop drinking cold turkey and go through withdrawal on their own. As symptoms worsen, some sufferers will go on to experience delirium tremens, dangerous symptoms that can cause hallucinations and lead to dehydration. Withdrawal symptoms can prove so severe that they lead to heart irregularities, seizures, and even thoughts of committing suicide.

At alcohol rehabs in Everett, sufferers are treated with medications that greatly reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms. As they are carefully weaned from alcohol, recovering individuals can relax, knowing that their health is monitored by medical caregivers in the safe setting of their alcohol rehab. If any health complications arise, healthcare providers are there to treat them.

Why Obtain Alcohol Addiction Treatment?

Alcoholism can and will ruin an individual's mental and physical health if alcohol addiction treatment is not obtained. While there isn't a cure for alcoholism, this disease can be managed with abstinence. Alcohol addiction programs can help people learn to live happy and meaningful lives untroubled by alcohol. An alcohol addiction rehab provides them with a safe place for drug detox in Everett and therapies that address the psychological and behavioral aspects of this terrible disease.

By visiting an alcohol rehab center, addiction sufferers can protect their health from deteriorating as a result of their alcohol use. Alcohol addiction recovery may take time, but recovery begins the very moment a person steps foot inside their alcohol addiction facility and requests the help they so desperately need. Call Everett Drug Rehab Centers now for help (617) 514-7044.

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